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If you're going to the cemetery - go with Tours by Judy! The cemetery is lovely - a mix of older, crumbling graves, and brand new ones. There was so much to learn - and thank goodness we contacted I had a very tight conference schedule and she easily accommodated us. We received over an hour a rich and accurate history of the cemetery and much of New Orleans itself. Just was funny and personable. I felt by the end as if a good friend had just shown me around her city! -Jessica Jefferson (via Trip Advisor)


French Quarter

Tours available from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm 7 days a week 

 •Tour begins with the year, 1540, when the first European touched the land.
•We will make our way around the historical French Quarter, sometimes called the Vieux Carre’.
•The tour will visit historical sites throughout the French Quarter with several indoor stops; The Cathedral, Antoine’s, Central Grocery ( home of the Famous Muffelatta)
• We will also visit Exchange Alley (the street of the fencing masters).
•Of note, is the breathtaking architecture at the Cabildo, where the Louisiana Purchase transferred and also, where the famed civil rights case, Plessy v Ferguson was tried.
• You will enjoy marveling at the sight of the Pontalba Apartments, known as some of the oldest apartment buildings in the United States.
•Many more points of interest will be enjoyed on this tour.
•Tour concludes at Newton’s Hot and Cold for gelato.

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Garden District

Tours available from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm 7 days a week 

•Tour begins with a background history of the first residents, the Native Americans, later the Creoles, and in 1803, “Les Ame’ricains.
•Touring the Garden District you will understand the gains and losses of the Americans, the Patrons, who were mostly Northerners.
•We will hear how fortunes were made and loss in cotton trading, importing and exporting, and in other forms of commerce during the Steamboat Era.
•We will also gaze upon and learn about the Greek Revival, Italianate, and Queen Anne architectural styles of these homes dating back to the 1800s.
•We will enjoy the Beautiful flora and learn why this area is called the Garden District.
•Celebrity homes are a must see, including the row of homes called Freret’s Folly.
•Of interest to Civil War enthusiasts, we will visit the home where Jefferson Davis spent his last hours.
•On a different civil note: The last home of Judge John Minor
Wisdom, who was part of “#TheFour”, on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, is one of our stops.
The civil rights case:
#PlessyvFerguson is visited, as that, John Howard Ferguson is interred in the local cemetery.
• Colonel Short’s, Toby’s Corner, the Women’s Opera Guild Home, plus many more homes are part of your Tour Experience with Judy.

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Life After Death,

Mourning, & Cemetery

Tours available from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm 7 days a week

•This tour is given by Judy Geddes Bajoie, whose family, Geddes’ involvement in the business of Death date back to 1876- to the present. George D. Geddes was known in 1876 as…
“The Undertaker of the South.”
•Black crepe, heavy mourning dress, half-mourning dress, covered mirrors, clocks stopped, prie-dieu, portraits covered, hair jewelry, Wakes, etc.
•What has these to do with mourning?
•Caveau, wall tombs, copings, society tombs, Pere Lachaise, tablet, Perpetual care, a year and a day, parapet, etc.
•What has these to do with our cemeteries?
•Some famous and infamous, Bernard de Marigny, Oscar Dunn, John Minor Wisdom, Marie Laveau, Dominic You, Homer Plessy, Barthelemy Lafon, John H. Ferguson, Aristide Mary, Valcour Aime, to name a few, will be covered on the cemetery of your choice.
•Cemetery history, European influences, Architectural tomb designs, are all explored on this Life after Death Experience.

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Mystery & History Ghost

 Tours available nightly At 7:00 pm 7 days a week

With early New Orleans plagued by hurricanes, floods, wars, fires, epidemics, suicide, piracy, the fear of Voodoo and of course, Slavery, it is no wonder New Orleans is called the Most Haunted City in the United States.

•We will leave from the steps of St Louis Cathedral, which itself is associated with a haunted past. Has anyone seen Pere Antoine?
•Stopping at the Omni, looking for Zack Bowen…
•Searching for yellow fever victims at Keuffers…
•Don Vicente Nune’z…we’re calling you
•Is Pierre Antoine Jardin seated in Muriels with a guest?
•We will most definitely look for Delphine Lalaurie over at the mansion on Royal Street.
•Vampires, the Loup-garou, spirits will all be explored or exposed!

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Free People of Color

Tours available from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm 7 days a week 

Take the Free People of Color Tour with a New Orleans native who is a direct descendant of a free person of color, #GeorgeDGeddes, (1845-1916), Pioneer Undertaker of the South and a member of the Comite' des Citoyens of the famed, #PlessyvFerguson civil rights case.Free People of Color (gens de couler libres) were a part of the city of New Orleans from its inception.  The Free People of Color Tour will highlight a distinguished group of people whose contributions in such areas as architecture, business, literature, industry, is very much a story to itself. The tour will trace the steps of these people whose contributions help shape New Orleans into the city it has become. People such as Norbert Rillieux, Edmund Dede, Henriette Delille, George Geddes, Dr.Louis Charles Roudanez, are among so many others who will be introduced on this Creole Experience.

Free People of Color (gens de couler libres) were a part of the city of New Orleans from its inception. 

Code Noir 
Coartacion / Manumission 
Mulatto, Quadroon, Octoroon, Griffe, Sacatra, et al., are all terms which will be covered. 
Hear about the population of Free People of Color, pre and post Civil War, from a Civil War historian.

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